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How to Make Sure Both You and Your Property Are Protected

Important Questions to Ask a Fence Contractor Before Hiring Them


Before you start searching for a reputable fence contractor like Pro Fence Company, being armed with the right questions will be useful when it comes time to hire one that will not only do a good job but will ensure that you and your property are safe while they are on it.


How long has your company been operating under its current name?

When you are searching for a reputable contractor to install your fence, you will need to dig deep to get a better idea of the potential contractor’s business history. Always perform an Internet search for their company, and look for anything suspicious or undesirable, and remove those from your list.


Where are they located, and do they have a physical address you can visit? 

You should always find out if the contractor has an actual office? Storefront business space indicates a company’s size and focus. Find out how competent and supportive the staff is, as employees should be able to answer all your questions with ease and authority, thus, addressing your needs and concerns without speaking over your head or referring you to someone else.


Is their company licensed to work in your area?

Payments to a business, and not an individual, will offer some assurance that you will be on the books somewhere, so you will be able to protect yourself from any disputes or duplicate charges. Making payments to individuals introduces a set of serious issues.


Does the company have liability and workman’s compensation insurance?

Make sure that your fence contractor has general liability and workman’s compensation insurance. The first protects your property from damage caused by the contractor, and the latter protects you from any liability should a worker gets injured while working on your property.


To recap, now that you know a few pertinent questions to ask, call us first at (510) 210-1978 if you live in or around the Hayward, CA area.

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